Sunday, December 12, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader (No Spoilers)

This movie is better than Prince Caspian, but then that wouldn't be hard. The screenplay is only very loosely based on C.S. Lewis's book -- so it makes it a bit of a tough slog for me, since Voyage is my favorite of the Narnia series. That said, I thought the screenplay worked for the most part. It nicely trusses up the relationship between Eustice and Reepicheep more than the book. And they did keep the ending (an absolute must).

Still, as with the Potter series, much of the charm of the book lies in the secondary and tertiary relationships and settings. Stripping down the screenplay to the basics of the plot (which is a stretch in this movie), in my opinion, means that much of what makes the books engaging is lost.


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