Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Megan Swam 1,000-yard Free Style this Weekend

That's over a kilometer. Of swimming a race. It was the first time she'd swam it in a competition. She got a "B" time or an "A" time; I forget which. Her coach was a bit peeved at her afterwards because she still had a lot of energy left after the race. So he thought she had paced herself too slowly.

Megan's signature stroke has been the butterfly. She's made it to state several years in a row in the 100-meter and the 50-meter butterfly. But her free style has really been coming on the last year. It's surprised us a bit, since the freestyle is the most competitive stroke, in the sense that every little girl swims it at the meets. She doesn't like the breast stroke very much, and pretty much despises the back stroke.


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