Saturday, September 04, 2010

Funny Flight Connections Today

So my flight from D.C. started an hour and twenty minutes later than scheduled, due to a suddenly sick pilot.

So I arrive at DFW for my connecting flight home about three minutes after they closed the doors and cleared the flight for take-off. It did not matter that the plane was still sitting there, connected to the walkway. And it did not matter that the electronic monitor stated that the flight was delayed ten minutes. The gate agent would not open the door. He said he couldn't. (The flight delay occurred after the gate had been "closed," so the fact that it was sitting there supposedly didn't make a difference -- I still could not board.)

O.k. so I had like five hours until the next flight home. So I go enjoy a leisurely lunch, and then head back to the boarding area. I get all set up -- connect my computer to an outlet, access WiFi, get my earphones out to listen to my Itunes & etc. All set up for a long wait.

Then almost immediately I hear an announcement over the PA system "ticket holders to College Station may now reboard." I look around to see who made the announcement - it was a gate agent right behind me.

What apparently happened was this: The flight never took off, but pulled back to the gate after I left for lunch. In the meantime, because of mechanical problems, the airline had to exchange planes, all of which took almost exactly the time it took me to eat lunch and return to the boarding area.

While I doubt the other passengers shared my pleasure, I've never been as pleased with a flight delay as I was by that flight delay. So I arrived home around 2 p.m., instead of 6 p.m., as originally scheduled.

All in all, the airline issued me five different tickets for the two segments.


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