Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ISI American Civics Quiz

Take the quiz -- if you dare. :-)

I've posted this link before. I think ISI revised parts of the quiz - I recall that some of the questions in the original quiz were poorly worded, and the questions here seemed pretty clear. (Although [insert embarassed cough here], I did score 100% on the original quiz, as well as on this version of the quiz). The question on Keynesianism is still somewhat poorly worded (but I won't say why so I don't spoil the question for you).


Blogger Wayne said...

Ugh! I got them all but the last question. (The one about taxes and government spending.) Didn't read it as carefully as I should have.

March 04, 2010 9:33 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Yeah, the last question is a bit goofy -- the answer is tautological.

If A = B, then, necessary, (A/n) = (B/n).

So the question tests math skills, not civic knowledge.

The "Keynesian" question is a bit odd as well:

"Which of the following fiscal policy combinations would a government most likely follow to stimulate economic activity when the economy is in a severe recession?"

The part that gets me is the "would a government most likely follow." The answer to the question is the "Keynesian" recommendation, but I do not at all know that governments are most likely to follow it (and I'm even less convinced that they should follow it). So I think that's still a poorly worded question.

March 05, 2010 6:45 AM  

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