Sunday, January 17, 2010

CD of Lutheran Chant

This is really great recording of Lutheran chant. It's a recording of the Daily Prayers (Matins, Vespers, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline) from the Lutheran Service Book. It costs only $9.99 and can be ordered here. For a sample you can download the Matins te Deum here (although I'm not fond of the organ accompaniment -- but most of the chanting on the recording is a capella).

As I mentioned, the music and text for all of these services is in the Lutheran Service Book. This is the "hymn book" for Lutherans, but more. It includes the Psalter, as well as liturgical settings for the Divine Service, for the Daily Prayers, and services for special occasions. Also included in the recording it the Litany. But the music for the Litany is in the Altar Book and not in the LSB.


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