Monday, January 28, 2008

Lk 4.18/Is 61.1 -- Proclaiming Liberty to the Exiles

Sort of interesting. Jesus of course quotes Is 61.1-2 in his first sermon in Luke, saying that the prophecy has been fulfilled.

Part of this prophecy is that the one anointed/filled with the Spirit would "proclaim liberty to the captives." Apparently, the Hebrew word translated as "captive" is the same word that can be translated as "exile."

So the centerpiece of Jesus' mission is that he proclaims "liberty to the exiles."

Whether second-temple Israel understood herself as not-yet-fully returned from exile, apparently Jesus understood it. (Although, that those in the synagogue praised Jesus at that point might suggest, a la Wright, that they agreed with the implication that Israel had not yet fully returned from exile.)

Perhaps more pointedly, then, is that when Jesus expands the argument, suggesting that some Gentiles' exile might end while the exile of some Israelites continues, those in the synagogue sought to kill him.


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